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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Statue Of Liberty and New York

New York has so many attractions to see.  One of those attractions I really want to go see is the Statue Of Liberty.  I always thought it would be neat to go up in it. When I see the Statue Of Liberty I think of freedom and pursuing your passion in life.  Some people may see the Statue Of Liberty different than I do.  Not only do I want to go and see the Statue Of Liberty but I would like to go and sit in the audience on many TV Shows.  One of those TV shows is Millionaire.  I think that Meredith Viera does a good job hosting that show.  I'd like to sit in the audience and vote also to see if I would have known the answer.  I've never actually sit in an audience on a gameshow before so that would be very interesting.   Besides going and seeing Millionaire another show I'd like to go and see if the Jimmy Fallon Show.  That show really cracks me up and I think that would be an exciting show to be in the audience on.  I like when he does those thank you notes on the show. I also like it when a joke is bad he will bring it out to the audience.  Maybe I can get an episode where they play Beer Pong with a guest or the game where you toss hot dog wieners in the mouths of presidents.  That show really makes me laugh and it would be cool to also hear The Roots.  I also like it when Jimmy slow jams the news with NBC Nightly News Anchor Brian Williams that is so very funny.  I think New York in general has many things that the average tourist can go see.  Here below is an image of the Statue Of Liberty


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