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Tuesday, May 17, 2011


They call this the windy city.  The city I'm talking about is Chicago.  There are a few things in Chicago I would love to go and see.  One of those things is the Sears Tower.  I for some reason have a fascination with big buildings in big cities.  I think I just like how some of them look.  I remember on my trip to Florida we went through Atlanta Georgia and I seen big buildings.  I thought they look so cool.  I just think going and seeing Sears Tower would be very interesting sight to see.  I also would like to go and watch a Chicago Bulls basketball game.  Why the Chicago Bulls I talk alot about it on my other blog at  and Derrick Rose is an amazing athlete.   He is the best point guard I've ever seen.  I would like to get tickets to the United Center to watch Derrick Rose and the rest of the Chicago Bulls play.   I also wouldn't mind going to Wrigley Field and watch the Chicago Cubs as long as they aren't playing my favorite team which is the St. Louis Cardinals and there best player Albert Pujois.  I admit there is another reason I wouldnt' mind trying to going to Chicago.  I would like to see what Chicago Pizza tastes like.   Whether it's good or not I have no idea.  I also would like to go and meet some new people and see some of the hot spots.  Although don't laugh I really am not that good at dancing.  I'm lucky if I could do the cabbage patch dance.  You could go and watch some sports teams like the Cubs, Bears, or the Bulls.  So if you live in Chicago or have visited Chicago I would love to hear about it.  Send me your comments as I love hearing about what people have enjoyed or didn't enjoy about there vacation.   I thank you for reading my vacation and travel spots blog.  

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Statue Of Liberty and New York

New York has so many attractions to see.  One of those attractions I really want to go see is the Statue Of Liberty.  I always thought it would be neat to go up in it. When I see the Statue Of Liberty I think of freedom and pursuing your passion in life.  Some people may see the Statue Of Liberty different than I do.  Not only do I want to go and see the Statue Of Liberty but I would like to go and sit in the audience on many TV Shows.  One of those TV shows is Millionaire.  I think that Meredith Viera does a good job hosting that show.  I'd like to sit in the audience and vote also to see if I would have known the answer.  I've never actually sit in an audience on a gameshow before so that would be very interesting.   Besides going and seeing Millionaire another show I'd like to go and see if the Jimmy Fallon Show.  That show really cracks me up and I think that would be an exciting show to be in the audience on.  I like when he does those thank you notes on the show. I also like it when a joke is bad he will bring it out to the audience.  Maybe I can get an episode where they play Beer Pong with a guest or the game where you toss hot dog wieners in the mouths of presidents.  That show really makes me laugh and it would be cool to also hear The Roots.  I also like it when Jimmy slow jams the news with NBC Nightly News Anchor Brian Williams that is so very funny.  I think New York in general has many things that the average tourist can go see.  Here below is an image of the Statue Of Liberty


Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Mount Rushmore

I love to travel.  I love to go and see various places.  There is one place to me that is an amazing piece of history that I've never had the chance to see.   What is that place you wonder.  The piece of history is called Mount Rushmore.  Mount Rushmore is in Key Stone South Dakota.   I just think this it would be a great piece of history.  Seeing faces of great presidents like Lincoln, Washington, Jefferson and Roosevelt.  I have never made it to South Dakota.   The only reason I would have to go to South Dakota would be Mount Rushmore.   Below is an image of it. If you've ever seen this talk about what you like or don't like about it.   I'd like to hear it. 

Friday, March 18, 2011

Daytona Beach/ Pensicola

When I was in second grade me , my brother and mom and dad went to Florida.  We went to Daytona Beach and stayed at the Howard Johnson.   I had so much fun at Daytona Beach.  The weather was very warm though but swimming on the beach was so fun and relaxing.  People down south too were a lot friendlier than my home state of Missouri.  I loved it random people just coming up and saying hi being friendly which is what this nation needs more of.  The females too at Daytona Beach it was like wow.   I had so much fun in Daytona Beach that i didn't want to leave but i had to go and see what Pensicola was like.  So we got in our Chevorlet Chevette and we went to Pensicola.  Peniscola wasn't really all that exciting not compared to Daytona Beach.  When we got to Pensicola and after we got some of the stuff out we went swimming.  I wasn't impressed swimming here it may have been because I got stung by a jelly fish and felt sick for a couple of days.   It was also very cloudy in Pensicola the day we were there.  After we left we then drove back home going through Alabama where it rained.  Then we went through Louisiana and thourgh Arkansas then back home we went to Missouri.   I really didn't want to leave Daytona Beach because of all the fun I was having.  I really want to go back there again someday either with my future wife or go down there and meet a wonderful woman who knows like i know how awesome that I am.   Daytona Beach in Florida rocks and i really recommend it.  Also i forgot to mention we were going to go to Disney World but it got so hot that we went to Pensicola instead.  How now I wish we went to disney world instead

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Los Angeles (LA)

Last year me and a few friends we went to Los Angeles CA.  While I didn't get to see everything I wanted to see what i seen was impressive.  I hung out some at the airport LAX and hung out in the lounge.  It was so nice to relax and then I stayed at the Hilton Inn which was alright.  One of my biggest disappointments with the Hilton was there wasn't enough TV channels  to watch.   I also didn't get to go swimming because i couldn't find a pool.  Los Angeles CA though the traffic is very intense which i really loved.   Next time i go I need to take more money so i can go and see Hollywood.  I want to move out to Los Angeles because i have these games that i come up with that would make for great gameshows for NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX or GSN.    So if your ever out in California go and check out LA sometime. 

Thursday, February 24, 2011


Welcome to Scott's Vacation and Travel Spots.  In this blog I will talk about places I have visited and places I want to visit.  I want your feedback on places you've been and where you'd like to go.  If you know of anything you'd like to see on this blog then let me know.  Thank you and happy joys checking out vacation and travel spots.