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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Mount Rushmore

I love to travel.  I love to go and see various places.  There is one place to me that is an amazing piece of history that I've never had the chance to see.   What is that place you wonder.  The piece of history is called Mount Rushmore.  Mount Rushmore is in Key Stone South Dakota.   I just think this it would be a great piece of history.  Seeing faces of great presidents like Lincoln, Washington, Jefferson and Roosevelt.  I have never made it to South Dakota.   The only reason I would have to go to South Dakota would be Mount Rushmore.   Below is an image of it. If you've ever seen this talk about what you like or don't like about it.   I'd like to hear it. 

Friday, March 18, 2011

Daytona Beach/ Pensicola

When I was in second grade me , my brother and mom and dad went to Florida.  We went to Daytona Beach and stayed at the Howard Johnson.   I had so much fun at Daytona Beach.  The weather was very warm though but swimming on the beach was so fun and relaxing.  People down south too were a lot friendlier than my home state of Missouri.  I loved it random people just coming up and saying hi being friendly which is what this nation needs more of.  The females too at Daytona Beach it was like wow.   I had so much fun in Daytona Beach that i didn't want to leave but i had to go and see what Pensicola was like.  So we got in our Chevorlet Chevette and we went to Pensicola.  Peniscola wasn't really all that exciting not compared to Daytona Beach.  When we got to Pensicola and after we got some of the stuff out we went swimming.  I wasn't impressed swimming here it may have been because I got stung by a jelly fish and felt sick for a couple of days.   It was also very cloudy in Pensicola the day we were there.  After we left we then drove back home going through Alabama where it rained.  Then we went through Louisiana and thourgh Arkansas then back home we went to Missouri.   I really didn't want to leave Daytona Beach because of all the fun I was having.  I really want to go back there again someday either with my future wife or go down there and meet a wonderful woman who knows like i know how awesome that I am.   Daytona Beach in Florida rocks and i really recommend it.  Also i forgot to mention we were going to go to Disney World but it got so hot that we went to Pensicola instead.  How now I wish we went to disney world instead