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Tuesday, May 17, 2011


They call this the windy city.  The city I'm talking about is Chicago.  There are a few things in Chicago I would love to go and see.  One of those things is the Sears Tower.  I for some reason have a fascination with big buildings in big cities.  I think I just like how some of them look.  I remember on my trip to Florida we went through Atlanta Georgia and I seen big buildings.  I thought they look so cool.  I just think going and seeing Sears Tower would be very interesting sight to see.  I also would like to go and watch a Chicago Bulls basketball game.  Why the Chicago Bulls I talk alot about it on my other blog at  and Derrick Rose is an amazing athlete.   He is the best point guard I've ever seen.  I would like to get tickets to the United Center to watch Derrick Rose and the rest of the Chicago Bulls play.   I also wouldn't mind going to Wrigley Field and watch the Chicago Cubs as long as they aren't playing my favorite team which is the St. Louis Cardinals and there best player Albert Pujois.  I admit there is another reason I wouldnt' mind trying to going to Chicago.  I would like to see what Chicago Pizza tastes like.   Whether it's good or not I have no idea.  I also would like to go and meet some new people and see some of the hot spots.  Although don't laugh I really am not that good at dancing.  I'm lucky if I could do the cabbage patch dance.  You could go and watch some sports teams like the Cubs, Bears, or the Bulls.  So if you live in Chicago or have visited Chicago I would love to hear about it.  Send me your comments as I love hearing about what people have enjoyed or didn't enjoy about there vacation.   I thank you for reading my vacation and travel spots blog.